Message Broker

IBM® Websphere® Message Broker is a lightweight, advanced Enterprise Service Bus (a means to connect different applications together) that enables the integration of a wide variety of applications and data sources so that data flows seamlessly between them, increasing its business value. 

What Does It Do?

  • WMB allows organisations of any size to eliminate or reduce inefficient, costly and high maintenance point-to-point connections between applications, and batch processing in order to increase business flexibility.
  • It therefore provides smart connectivity and interoperability of systems regardless of platform, protocol or data format.
  • It empowers organisations to make smarter business decisions by connecting, and therefore allowing access to, the entire value chain, both inside and outside the enterprise.
  • It provides a standardised, simplified and flexible integration service so that IT departments can quickly, innovatively and easily deliver on the needs of the business.

How Does It Do It?

  • WMB provides a standard mechanism to mediating between services and IT applications.
  • It allows the dynamic routing and transformation of data where required, to support business processes.
  • Standard adapters, connectors, interfaces and environments preserve existing investments in IT assets when connecting them together.
  • It provides standard patterns and transformations for common requirements plus an easy-to-use environment for satisfying bespoke requirements.
  • It reduces development and support efforts by providing the ability to view, edit, record and replay data flows, which also aides troubleshooting and testing.
  • An open, standards-based parser and graphical data mapper reduces development effort.

Why Is That Useful?

  • WMB  improves business agility and flexibility by eliminating point-to-point integration and tightly-coupled systems which rely heavily on each other to complete business transactions.
  • Reusable components reduce development and maintenance efforts as well as preserving existing IT asset investments.
  • Security, scalability and performance management are managed centrally.
  • Ease of installation, development and implementation reduces time-to-value.
  • End to end visibility of files and messages  across your IT estate reduces monitoring requirements.