Analytics & Appliances

IBM® offers a wide variety of data warehousing and analytic solutions, from traditional multidimensional and data mining to mashups and industry models,  ensuring the optimum approach for gaining insight from large volumes of data.

What Does It Do?

  • Solutions here include:
    • Netezza Warehouse appliances which combine storage, processing, database & analytics into high-performance data warehouse appliances.
    • A complete data warehouse platform that delivers superior scalability and availability, design, build, and management tooling, and business analytics.
    • Accelerator add-ons for InfoSphere Warehouse that contain physical data models and sample reports that drastically reduce data warehousing project time,deployment cost and risk.
    • Smart Analytics Systems which provides a comprehensive portfolio of data management, hardware, software, & services capabilities that modularly delivers a wide assortment of business changing analytics.
    • Warehousing Solutions for Industry that take advantage of IBM’s expertise with industry-specific solutions for data warehousing.
    • A Mashup Hub which includes visual tools for creating, storing, transforming, and remixing feeds to be utilised in mashup and situational applications, and a central catalog for users to tag, rate, and share mashable assets.
    • IBM InfoSphere Streams which allows you to capture and act on all the business data as the business events unfold. When paired with IBM Netezza Analytics massive volumes of stream data are ingested into IBM Netezza and analyzed over a longer period of time to find predictive patterns and glean valuable insights.
    • SPSS Modeler is a high-performance predictive analytics workbench that quickly delivers positive ROI by creating the predictive intelligence that allows you to proactively and repeatedly exploit revenue opportunities, reduce costs and increase operational productivity
    • InfoSphere BigInsights is inspired by, and is compatible with, open source Hadoop™ (a mechanism for exploring large volumes of structured and unstructured data) and used to store, manage, and gain insights from Internet-scale data at rest. When paired with IBM Netezza Analytics via a high-speed connection, massive volumes of distributed data and content, and ad-hoc analytics can be processed quickly and efficiently to find predictive patterns and glean valuable insights.

How Does It Do It?

  • Each element of the analytics and appliance portfolio contains tuned and optimised elements which perform needed and specific functions to make data analysis productive.
  • IBM Analytics is a purpose-built, advanced, in-database analytics platform that is delivered with every IBM data warehouse appliance. By fusing together high performance data warehouses and scalable in-database analytics, enterprises maximize the value of their data assets with quicker answers to increasingly complex questions.
  • IBM Analytics leverages the high performance data throughput available on IBM Netezza as well as the massively parallel processing platform to build and deploy petascale predictive analytic models.
  • This lets your organisation:
    • Analyse – Ask the hard questions of your data, and quickly get you better-targeted answers from which to make business decisions
    • Explore – Reach more deeply into your data – even as it increases in volume – to discover subtle patterns and to answer interrelated and complex business questions
    • Respond – Analytics on demand lets you monitor and quickly understand changing business conditions so you can choose the best course of action
    • Simplify – You can easily build models and score data using your existing analytics infrastructure and skill set, including out-of-the-box functions, popular analytic packages and languages
    • Execute – Your organization’s largest data sets can take full advantage the IBM Netezza’s high-performance data warehouse asymmetric massively parallel processing (AMPP™) architecture for rapid execution

Why Is That Useful?

  • With Smarter Analytics, you can build a solid foundation of strategic analytics products and services to take advantage of all of your data sources, including structured and unstructured data.
  • Typical examples of where smarter analytics works best is where it can help you to identify:
    • Whose is in your customer/supplier base and retain your most profitable customers/suppliers.
    • Where to continuously improve operational efficiency.
    • How to detect and prevent fraud and manage risk and compliance efforts.
  • A complete Source System Profiling and Analysis capability enables users to easily understand and classify data, display data using various semantics such as format, classification, or value in order to allow rapid identification of data anomalies, validate column/table relationships and drill down to exception rows for further analysis.
  • Analytics that once seemed impossible or impractical to run are now possible with IBM Netezza Analytics. With the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance’s simple appliance approach, all of your organisation’s data can be used to generate a finer set of results, helping to drive new revenue opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.
  • By using advanced analytics on IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances, all Stakeholders can realise value since everyone is leveraging the same data, using all available data.