Application Integration

IBM® connectivity and integration solutions deliver fast, flexible and reliable access to processes, applications and information regardless of platform, device, or data formats; increase visibility and improve governance of services, processes, files, rules, and events; and connect to customers, partners, and suppliers and extend processes through messaging infrastructure, ESBs, or appliances.

What Does It Do?

  • IBM provides a number of packaged offerings which replace traditional, labour intensive, costly, time consuming and maintenance-intensive IT developments to connect applications and data sources.
  • Buy-versus-make decisions are made easier since Appliances (pre-loaded, pre-configured solutions), adapters, connectors and other assets replace the need develop in-house solutions.
  • Pre-built components deliver code and connectivity so that it does not have to be developed and maintained, thereby speeding integration of IT resources in support of process improvements.
  • Underpinned by reusable components the prebuilt assets reduce cost of ownership and provide investment protection for existing IT infrastructure since it reduces the need for replacement. Click here to learn more>>……