Information Governance

IBM® provides an Information Governance approach and a product set that helps organisations manage the complete life-cycle of data and thereby create a source of trusted information which can be used to underpin better business decisions and outcomes.

What Does It Do?

  • IBM provides a framework and portfolio of products which span the entire life-cycle of your data : addressing everything from quality, cleansing, transformation, through to security and storage.
  • Governance establishes policies for these activities so as to bind in data owners and managers with Stakeholders to ensure that data is actionable and accurate.
  • Governance builds quality and therefore trust in your data, leading to better decisions.
  • Governance covers security and privacy, protecting it for authorised users, and from unauthorised users to support compliance.
  • Governance covers Standards – ensuring the right elements are in place to support an information governance program – such as standard policies, processes, technologies, metrics and communications (which are critical).
  • Governance ensures that trusted information is delivered to Stakeholders in a way which allows for greater insight and smarter decisions that are more aligned to business goals.
  • Governance reduces wasted time and cost associated with managing information by automating information governance practices where appropriate.
  • Governance also ensures compliance with legal, industry and corporate mandates to avoid reputational and legal exposures. Click here to learn more>>……