The Dilemma

The volume, inaccessibility, ownership (or lack of), poor quality and complexity of data in many organisations, together with the uncontrollable, exploding volumes of external data from the internet and social media, can defeat initiatives to drive out waste.

What to analyse and why, and how to remove the “noise”, are therefore the questions to ask.

Are you drowning in data? Do you even know what data you have got ? Do you know where it comes from, or could come from? What do you need the data for in the first place? How often have you felt the need to challenge the veracity of your data? Is it that the data are wrong or incomplete, or that it is presented wrongly (ie. incompatible with your requirements).

Joint investment to understand what the root-cause of the requirements, shortcomings, and challenges allows us to recommend the appropriate tactical or strategic solution.

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…..The three A’s of metrics are Actionable, Accessible and Auditable.For a report to considered actionable, it must demonstrate clear cause and effect. Otherwise it is a vanity metric…..All too many reports are not understood by the managers and employees who are supposed to use them to guide their decisions…..