Practical Solutions

Driving out wasted effort from your organisation is not achieved by simply automating or outsourcing the operational tasks where the waste is detected.

Moving things “to the cloud” will mean simply that wasteful activities are performed out of sight. To deliver sustainable benefit, and growth for your business, the waste must be reduced at source.

Delivery on time, in full, and to budget, for the wrong solution adds to organisational learning inasmuch as it undermines confidence in future projects.

Under-investing in, or misunderstanding, the objective and what is driving the requirement risks the probability that we all fail together to reduce or avoid waste.

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…..which of our efforts are value-creating and which are wasteful?…..Anything we had done during those months that did not contribute to our learning was a form of waste. Would it have been possible to learn the same things with less effort? Clearly the answer is yes.