Delivering Experience

Unless the source of a statement has extremely high qualifications, the statement will be more revealing of the author than the information intended by him.

We hope, whilst acknowledging we cannot possible know everything, that we have high qualifications.

These qualifications come from working with clients on a wide variety of historical, persistent, tactical and strategic problems. Examples include

  • Travelex
  • Ineos
  • ABF
  • Brit Insurance
  • Nike
  • HSBC
  • Brakes
  • TalkTalk
  • Santander


  • Rolls Royce Marine
  • DHL
  • Compass
  • Shell
  • SNCF
  • Nestle Water
  • AXA
  • Abbey National


It is not the estimate or the forecast that matters so much as the degree of confidence in the opinion.