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Osmosis provides software and advisory services to organisations of different types and sizes in most industries.

We operate from a wide range of experiences, sometimes delivered in a way which constructively challenges conventional wisdom. This ensures the correct balance of experience and innovation to solve problems, combined with an appreciation that we do not know everything.

We, and the solutions we recommend, help people to reduce, eliminate, and avoid costs and waste in their business – whether this is reducing the cost of sale or reducing the wasted time performing analysis or tasks which prevent sales and repeat customers.

Addressing these types of challenges, with experiences drawn from engaging with many different clients and industries, requires a broad knowledge of both the challenges and their solution(s). We have this broad experience.

This broad experience is delivered using the smallest possible units of work in as economical way as possible. 

It is misleading to build a general rule from observed facts. Contrary to conventional wisdom, our body of knowledge does not build from a series of confirmatory observations…..Sometimes a lot of data can be meaningless; at other times one single piece of information can be very meaningful…..It is true that a thousand days cannot prove you right but one day can prove you to be wrong.